The Perfect Pour for St. Patrick’s Day and Beyond

The Perfect Pour for St. Patrick’s Day and Beyond
The Perfect Pour for St. Patrick’s Day and Beyond

The Perfect Pour for St. Patrick’s Day and Beyond

Whether your venue is a busy hotel lobby, restaurant, bar, or cruise ship, hospitality venues are bustling places with guests typically outnumbering busy staff. Holidays and events exacerbate the discrepancy, making providing frictionless service seem next to impossible. So how can you ensure staff have the capacity to provide frictionless service to each and every guest? One touch Smart Dispensing can help bridge the gap, allowing staff to efficiently serve the perfect pour of Guinness, Jameson, and more on St. Patrick’s Day and beyond.

Behind the Bar

Not only does Smart Dispensing dispense the perfect pour every time, it allows staff to fulfill beverage orders while engaging with guests. This attention results in better service and tunes staff into changes in guest behavior and needs. 

Self Service

Self-service stations are also an effective option for freeing up staff to engage with guests. Whether mobile bars or tap walls, self-serve stations dispense the same perfect pour as permanent bars and can be set up to automatically limit the number of beverages each patron can dispense. Mobile apps, BYOD technology, PINs, and RFIDs are all options for implementing personalized self-service that associates individuals with their specific orders and pours. Whether all guests are cut off after a predetermined number of pours or have to check in with staff to initiate each pour, self-service makes staff more available to pay attention to guest needs, habits, and behaviors. 

In addition to freeing up staff attention, Smart Dispensing improves the guest experience by reducing wait times, encouraging guests to order that second (or third) Guinness.

St. Patrick’s Day Classics

Guinness may be a St. Patrick’s Day staple but it’s not the only festive beverage you can dispense on tap. Smart Dispensing also supports wine, cocktails, liquor, coffee, kombucha, and more. So whether your guests are team Bushmills or team Jameson, your venue can dispense shots and cocktails without the need for measuring glasses or speed pourers

Ready to have Smart Dispensing on your side? Contact Sestra today to learn more about how one touch and self-service dispensing can benefit your venue.

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