Trend Alert: Tap Walls

Trend Alert: Tap Walls

As the on-tap beverage trend continues to grow, we see venues turning to more creative ways of dispensing. One of our favorite solutions? The tap wall.

For clients who want to offer a wider selection of beverages on tap, we’ve designed tap walls that fit seamlessly into their venue. For example, our installation in the iconic Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. (pictured) features a 10-line, multi-beverage, self-serve wall. This wall takes advantage of a number of our latest and greatest features, including:

  • Self-serve push to pour dispensing
  • Multiple pour sizes
  • Remotely programmable displays
  • The Sestra tap for Prosecco and carbonated beverages (patent pending)


Tap walls are a great way to streamline the look of your taps without monopolizing countertop space. Whether they’re utilized for self-service (like the KC Cafe wall pictured above) or multiple lines behind the bar (like the wall rendering below), here are just some of the benefits tap walls offer:


Tap walls can be installed behind the bar to clear up counter space or out in the open to allow for self-service. Either way, they are a modern alternative to the traditional tap tower or countertop dispenser. Kegs can be stored in cabinets directly below the taps or behind the wall itself for an even more streamlined look.


Tap walls conceal most of the equipment so your guests don’t have to see it. As we mentioned above, you can even conceal your kegs behind the wall. Depending on what you and your designers are trying to achieve, a wall of taps can easily blend into to the background of your space. Or, you can design the wall as an eye-catching conversation piece, like a piece of art.


As technology begins to take over the food and beverage industry, we’re seeing venues turn to self-serve solutions. Guests love the unique experience and allowing them to pour their own beverages helps relieve some of the bottlenecking experienced in traditional service. Without having to watch the bar, servers are freed up to keep operations running smoothly and interact with guests.

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