Save Space with TapWise

Save space with TapWise Beverage Dispensing
Save space with TapWise Beverage Dispensing

Save Space with TapWise

Space is a valuable and limited commodity and saving space creates opportunities and benefits that can make a real difference. Save space with TapWise beverage dispensing through self-service, tap layout, inventory management, and more, optimizing your venue for maximum capacity. Not only does TapWise make space for additional guests and minimize excess inventory, those benefits generate additional benefits, including improving your bottom line and reducing waste. Whether you’re interested in monetizing your lobby, optimizing inventory at sea, or satisfying thirsty fans, TapWise beverage dispensing can be your venue’s space saving solution.


Allowing patrons to serve themselves reduces staffing needs, optimizing space for guests while also helping your venue combat the labor shortage. If your venue packs in the patrons, reducing staff means you’re able to maximize the number of paying customers on site while still providing exceptional service. The staff that are on site are then able to fulfill food orders, ensure cleanliness, and heighten the guest experience.

Not only does self-serve through TapWise create space by reducing staff needs, the stations themselves can be built to optimize space at your venue. You can easily integrate beverage technology with your existing hardware or update your technology.

Tap Walls

Sestra tap wall behind the bar

Tap walls can be installed behind the bar for streamlined tended service or without a bar to allow for self-service. Kegs can be stored in cabinets directly below the taps or behind the wall itself.

Tap Walls Behind the Bar

Tap walls behind the bar keep counter space clear, offering a clean look and better staff/guest interactions. And don’t worry about having your back to patrons, touchless and one touch dispensing allow bartenders to serve the perfect pour while engaging with guests.


Self-Serve Tap Walls

Self-serve tap walls offer double the space savings by reducing staff needs and increasing floor room. 

Self Serve Tap Wall

Tap walls aren’t just for restaurants and breweries. The space saving benefits of TapWise also apply to tap walls at event spaces and performing arts centers. Self-serve tap walls in lobbies allow those who want to indulge to fill up their glasses without disrupting the flow of other theater goers. It also allows for more guests to be served during limited intermission times.

While cafeteria style venues can implement self-serve beverage dispensing, tap walls in lobbies and other open areas can utilize Bring Your Own technology to ensure patrons are of drinking age and have paid for their beverages before dispensing.

Mobile Bars

Mobile bars are exactly what they sound like. They’re 4-line, 67” mobile carts with room for up to 2, 20 liter kegs of beer, wine, kombucha, cold brew, or cocktails. Mobile bars can be moved throughout your venue, moved between indoors and out, and increase points of service depending on seasonality, for large events, or year-round. If there is a single exhibit or area of your venue that typically receives more foot traffic, stationing bars throughout opposing areas of your venue can disperse crowds, optimizing your venue’s space.

In addition to their self-serve and space saving capabilities, mobile bars reduce wait times and provide consistent pours. If you’re considering adopting mobile bars at your venue, check out 4 Game Changing Ways Mobile Bars Are Increasing Sales.


The space saving benefits of TapWise beverage dispensing extend beyond the layout of your taps. IoT technology connects dispensing data from taps directly with otherwise siloed data, including Point of Sale data, guest behavior, and loyalty programs. Data can be used to track seasonal changes, the success of specials and promotions, and even daily trends, helping you predict inventory and staff needs. The ability to predict inventory needs ensures you’re not storing more beer, wine, liquor, or cocktails than you actually need, saving space and reducing waste from spoilage.

Ongoing Support (Dispensing as a Service)

As long-term solution partners, we are able to offer ongoing education and support to ensure our customers’ layout and operations are optimized. If customers want assistance analyzing data and making inventory decisions, we’re on it. If they want to update their hardware as soon as something new is available, we’ll make it happen. While every venue and customer relationship is different, our commitment to our customers’ success is consistent.

TapWise dispensing hardware helps venues optimize their tap layout, software helps create storage space through inventory management, and relationships with our customers and partners help ensure they’re making the most of their data and emerging opportunities. If you’re interested in learning more about the space saving benefits of smart dispensing, contact us today.  

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