22 Things You No Longer Have to Do After Installing Smart Dispensing

22 Things You No Longer Have to Do After Installing Smart Dispensing
22 Things You No Longer Have to Do After Installing Smart Dispensing

22 Things You No Longer Have to Do After Installing Smart Dispensing

Not only does technology connect us with others, it can connect our tools and data. Sestra utilizes technology to benefit your entire venue- from management, concerned with increasing profits while decreasing waste, to the bartenders slinging drinks on the front line. Interested in implementing technology to make your life easier? Here are 22 things (and counting) you no longer have to do after installing Smart Dispensing.

1. Hold open a tap handle

With one touch and touchless dispensing, bartenders no longer have to hold open tap handles. Instead, they can interact with guests, prep other beverages, and communicate with staff, knowing they’re dispensing the perfect pour, down to a fraction of an ounce. Handle-free taps also ensure a smooth, fresh pour by eliminating friction, maintaining in-line pressure, and keeping air away from your product.

2. Shake a keg to see if it is empty or to figure out how much is left

No need to shake or guess how much wine, beer, cocktail, etc is left in the keg when Sestra’s Smart Dispensing system tracks inventory for you.

3. Go around and lock taps with padlocks and keys

Lock taps with the push of a button on your personalized Remote Station Manager. You can even set up automated locking and unlocking schedules to cut off pouring after last call, at the seventh inning, or at any regular, designated time. 

4. Open a tap and pour off foam

Smart FOBs (Foam On Beer) keep your beverages flowing smoothly by controlling pressure and preventing foam from filling the line. 

5. Measure pour sizes in a glass or jigger

No need to use cups, jiggers, or speed pourers to measure ingredients or drinks. Smart Dispensing apportions the perfect pour, down to a fraction of an ounce.

6. Count the number of drinks you poured

Your Smart Dispensing platform counts pours for you, accumulating data that helps you determine how much inventory to order, staff to have scheduled, and seasonal (or even daily) trends to account for. 

7. Open the tap only to find out the keg has kicked

There are no surprises when Smart Dispensing is tracking your inventory. Receive alerts when kegs are running low so staff is prepared to switch them out.

8. Call someone and tell them a keg is empty

Set up alerts that notify the appropriate staff members when a keg is ready to be changed.

9. Pour bottles of wine down the drain because they oxidized

Smart Dispensing protects wine from oxidation and premature spoilage in the keg, through the chilled lines, up until it pours into the glass.

10. Count inventory at the end of the night

Smart Dispensing is way more than hardware. Your system tracks inventory, eliminating the task from your closing checklist.

11. Monitor your line cleaners to see if they were actually cleaned

Control the who, what, and when of every cleaning with automated alerts and maintain hygiene standards.

12. Worry about beverage theft (whether intentional or not)

Link dispensing usage directly with your Point of Sale data, holding staff accountable for every pour.

13. Physically walk to the cold room to check temperature, FOBs, or keg volumes

Rather than walking to your cold room, or having to be onsite at all, refer to your Remote Station Manager to ensure temps are just right, FOBs are performing properly, and keg volumes are adequate.

14. Pay for trash pickups for too many bottles

Dispensing beer and wine on tap allows your venue to ditch the bottles and save on trash pick up and reduce your carbon footprint.

15. Be on-site to see what you are pouring

Remote Station Manager allows you to view what is being poured, update menus, and even change access rules.

16. Call your vendor multiple times for service calls and worry about whether or not they will show up

Sestra customer success representatives respond within 15 minutes and can be scheduled when assistance is needed on site. 

17. Hire third parties or consultants to ensure your new beverage system design is sound and provides future flexibility

Our team of industry experts are your consultants, there to evaluate and update your hardware and software as needed.

18. Worry about whether you should wait for the next revision before you purchase

No need to wait to implement automations that will save you money and man hours. Your Smart Dispensing solutions are future-proof, allowing you to upgrade to the best of the best, as soon as it’s available.

19. Worry that you’ll have to upgrade your hardware again in five years

Dispensing as a Service allows Sestra to be your long term solution partner. We offer the best and newest technology as soon as it’s available and continually educate and train your staff to get the most out of your Smart Dispensing system. 

20. Pay more to have the latest and greatest equipment and features

The latest and greatest is included in your Dispensing as a Service solution- no surprise charges here!

21. Invest in a different beverage solution for each application

Your food and beverage ecosystem is connected with two-way data and control using Sestra’s API-driven platform. Smart Dispensing also links dispensing usage directly with otherwise siloed data such as POS data, guest behavior, loyalty programs, and inventory details.

22. Wonder if automation would have made the job easier

Automation ensures consistency and reliability while reducing waste and enhancing the guest experience. Automation 100% makes the job easier and when you’re utilizing Smart Dispensing, you can be confident that you’re employing automation across your connected solution. 

If you are already a Sestra customer and want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of your system, contact your customer success representative. If you’re ready to become a customer so you can stop worrying about these 22 things you no longer have to do after installing Smart Dispensing, contact us HERE.

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