This month, Foodservice Equipment Reports is featuring our Washington Nationals Ballpark installation in their Product Showcase. The section highlights their favorite products from the NAFEM show we attended back in February.

“While many baseball parks still offer traditional sodas and draft beers to thirsty fans, plenty of stadiums are expanding their drink menus into higher-end fare such as craft beers, cocktails and wine. Looking to keep tabs on tap pours for its wine-sipping patrons, the Washington Nationals operations installed the Sestra Systems connected wine-on-tap dispensers. According to Jonathan Stahl, V.P. Ballpark Operations & Guest Experience, the system solves a number of problems and prevents others. “We have a consistent pour for each glass of wine we serve, and we know exactly how many glasses we are pouring,” says Stahl. The convenient, user-friendly pushbutton dispensing console alerts operators through flashing LED lights when the line is operational as well as when a keg is running low and needs changing. The system’s cloud-based analytics records every pour, keg change and line cleaning to minimize server problems as well as to keep track of inventory for restocking and provide program insights. “One keg is 27 bottles,” says Stahl, so the kegs help eliminate transport and potential breakage of full bottles through a crowded stadium full of excited fans, as well as the disposal of cases of empties at the end of the night. From the keg, through the chilled lines, up until it pours into the glass, the wine is protected from oxidation and premature spoilage.”

We’d like to thank FER as well as our client, Johnathan Stahl from the ballpark, for such high praise. Check out the feature on FER’s website.