Ghosts to Gobbling- Transitioning from Halloween to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Cocktails with seasonal garnishes
Thanksgiving Cocktails with seasonal garnishes

Ghosts to Gobbling- Transitioning from Halloween to Thanksgiving

Transitioning your venue from Halloween to Thanksgiving keeps the fun going, the seasonal menu orders high, and your customers coming back again and again. But don’t worry, change doesn’t have to be 👻 scary  👻  and Thanksgiving promotions don’t have to be a big lift. This season is the ideal situation for you to work smart, not hard. From renaming your menu items and repurposing decorations to pivoting your promotions, your venue can easily and seamlessly transition from celebrating Halloween to implementing some Thanksgiving fun.


If your venue offered spooky themed beverages, now is the time to check your inventory and determine how you will repurpose your specials. Sestra’s Smart Dispensing platform seamlessly tracks your inventory for you and your Remote Station Manager app provides live notifications that alert your team when beverages are running low and kegs need to be replaced. 

Consult your customer portal to see how much beer, wine, cocktails, etc you have left, down to the ounce, to help you determine the effort you’ll want to put behind selling out. For example, if you have half a keg or less of a Halloween themed cocktail, you may decide to run a special, counting down your servings. If you have significant inventory that affects your bottom line, turn your Halloween specials into Thanksgiving specials. Spooky cocktails can be renamed and served in different glassware while beer and wine can be served as fall favorites rather than ghoulish glasses.

Not only do guests appreciate new, holiday themed experiences, seasonal menu items see 26% more orders than regular menu items. Increase your customers and their orders with Thanksgiving themed beverages and specials.


Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to pack up the ghosts and goblins until next year. Anything too spooky or obviously Halloween related should be removed, but transitioning from Halloween to Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you have to completely redecorate. Fall decor like pumpkins, changing leaves, and cornucopias can continue to provide Instagrammable opportunities to your guests.

If your venue hasn’t already hopped on the chalkboard trend, it may be a good time to consider the investment. Chalkboards have become super popular among restaurants, breweries, and wineries, and are the perfect sustainable decoration that can be updated for each holiday. Even if your business invests in a chalk artist to spruce up your board, you may find that the benefits outweigh the cost. A chalk artist’s time and skills don’t require storage, you’re supporting a local artisan, and you’re bringing another Instagrammable feature to your venue. 



Your venue’s promotional opportunities are as vast as your creativity. From upselling to hosting seasonal happy hours to being a donation hub, your venue can offer customer incentives that will help your seasonal beverages sell out.

Upselling your beverages can be as simple as offering multiple pour sizes to your guests. While “small”, “medium”, and “large” does the trick, you can also think outside of the box and offer sizes named after your venue or the season. For example, “thankful”, “grateful”, and “beholden” could be your size names through the end of November.

Hosting happy hour is another way to promote your seasonal beverages and reward your loyal locals. Rename the event “Thankfulness Hour” and offer beverage specials as a way to thank your customers throughout the Thanksgiving season. Your Smart Dispensing system keeps an eye on your inventory for you, helping you determine which beverage is best to promote each day or week.

Not only is it the season of thankfulness, it’s the season to give back. Collaborate with a local non profit or food bank and offer your venue as a donation site. Whether your community is in need of non-perishable food items, is running a coat drive, or is collecting Toys for Tots, your restaurant, hotel lobby, or auditorium can serve as a collection site. Once donors show up to drop off, make sure your seasonal beverage specials are front and center. 


Not only does your sales analytics illustrate the ROI of your menu items, it helps you make real time, data-backed decisions that can make your venue more profitable. Sestra’s Smart Dispensing platform keeps your data centralized and organized, allowing you to compare your success month over month, holiday over holiday, and year over year. In addition, Sestra customers use their data to determine best sellers as well as what they should remove from the menu. Need help rotating inventory more effectively or predict ordering needs? Contact your customer care representative. 

A season of change is among us and the hospitality industry has proven its ability to pivot and prevail. Transitioning your venue from Halloween to Thanksgiving can include simple changes to your beverage line up, decorations, and promotions that help you stay on trend and welcome excited guests. If your venue is offering Thanksgiving beverages and promotions, we want to hear about it! Tag Sestra Systems in your Thanksgiving promo posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram and don’t forget to encourage your guests to tag you in their posts!


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