Top Wedding Venues Are Winning with This Hot Tech

The wedding venue tech and services industry is a 50 billion dollar a year industry within the United States and is expected to increase by 11% in the next year. Aside from flowers, music, and photography, couples spend an average of $10,500 just on their event space. These event spaces do more than host the happy couple and their guests. They typically work closely with other vendors while also catering the event and serving beverages. Implementing Sestra’s TapWise beverage dispensing allows your venue to provide one touch beverage dispensing, can add additional points of service as needed depending on the size of the reception, and provide efficient service that keeps drinks in hand and everyone happy.

Cocktails on Tap

Signature cocktails are very popular at weddings. Cocktails on tap put a streamlined spin on the newlyweds’ specialty drinks. By mixing and kegging cocktails ahead of time, bartenders are able to quickly and accurately serve the same drink every time, without guests having to wait for servers to measure and mix ingredients. Sestra’s platform connects to your Point of Sale system, allowing your team to easily track beverages dispensed and consumed. In addition to streamlining actual beverage service, this connectivity also streamlines beverage invoicing at the end of the reception. 

Mobile Bars

Offering cocktails, beer, or wine on tap, mobile bars make beverages more accessible to guests. Whether your venue accommodates large parties of hundreds of guests, more intimate affairs, or you are flexible in your capacity, mobile bars allow your venue to add points of service as needed based on the size of the reception. For example, if your venue has five mobile bars onsite to maximize the efficiency of your largest events, the easily cleaned, maintained, and stored units can be kept out of sight when not needed and pulled out individually when needed, depending on the size of the event. 

Mobile bars can also help alleviate congestion in otherwise busy corners of your venue, and can be set up outdoors when conditions allow. 

One Touch, Touchless Dispensing, and Self-Serve

One touch self-serve beverages on tap increase efficiency, allowing staff to accommodate other needs of your guests. In addition to alleviating existing staff, the need for fewer staff to run the reception allows your venue to reduce costs, a savings that you can share with your hosts. Not only will your customers appreciate the savings, they’ll be thankful for the seamless service that allows them to enjoy their special evening.

Advertise Your Wedding Venue Tech

Ensure potential customers know what sets your venue apart from competitors. Update your website, incorporate your reception services to your social media strategy, and share successful celebrations with your community. Sestra works with customers to provide ongoing support, maintenance, and training. Part of that support is promoting your events, offerings, and successes across our own LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. We encourage your venue to reshare these posts or compose your own communications sharing your event space services.


The wedding industry, like the hospitality industry, is constantly growing and evolving, creating opportunities for businesses to innovate and grow. Sestra not only evolves with your venue, it allows you to offer quick, clean, and frictionless service to wedding parties and their guests on one of the biggest days of their lives. Whether your venue already offers reception services or you’re interested in launching an event space, contact us today to learn more about how Sestra can help you book out your wedding venue.