Solving the Problem of Waste

Sestra's TapWise platform with sustainable KeyKegs
Sestra's TapWise platform with sustainable KeyKegs

Solving the Problem of Waste

Our end-to-end solution, TapWise®, brings together automatic precision pouring, cloud-based control, and real-time analytics to optimize their customer’s beverage operations. Our customer base ranges coast to coast—from performing arts centers and stadiums to hotels and restaurants—and we pour all different beverages, including beer, wine, cocktails, sparkling, cold brew coffee, and more.

The TapWise Platform
TapWise employs technology throughout the beverage line, from sensors and Smart FOBsTM near the kegs to the Pour Control System and the Touchless TapsTM with Push to Pour® control. TapWise dispenses each serving to the perfect size with the push of a button, eliminating overpouring and increasing service speed. Our patented Touchless Taps were specially designed to keep air out of the line better than an ordinary tap, preventing spoilage. On top of that, every piece of equipment is cloud-connected, working in unison to monitor and control conditions of the pour to prevent foam in the line and other problems that lead to beverage waste.

Easy Remote Management
Since TapWise is a connected solution, it also allows for global management of the who, what, where, when and how of service. We created a platform for managing beverage access with their sophisticated rules engine that also integrates with customer’s identification and payment systems. Taps can be locked and unlocked remotely via their web app, Remote Station Manager, or automatically with rules based on time, day, volumes, beverage or identity.

Real-Time Analytics
The Sestra Portal allows clients to see every pour detail in real-time along with configurations and inventory information. Our platform merges pour data with sensor readings, authorizations, and integrations—such as schedules or point of sale—to give customers a true 360-degree view. With every button push and drop dispensed recorded, TapWise provides background monitoring and text alerts on everything from temperature fluctuations to keg volumes so customers can avoid service interruptions. Now clients can tailor their beverage mix and inventory purchases based on real pour data, eliminating excess product sitting on the shelf and spoiling.

Eco-Friendly Beverage Programs
In the interest of waste prevention, we have done away with traditional bottles and cans, instead designing TapWise to dispense from virtually waste-free kegs. When paired with KeyKeg, the system not only cuts down beverage loss but also reduces labor needs, transportation emissions and environmental waste too. Gas is not needed because the pressure is already set inside the keg and dispenses with an air compressor. The kegs hold a large amount of beverage in a small footprint requiring fewer man hours to set up or fetch product and once the kegs are empty, they are recyclable which cuts down on trash from bottles or return travel emissions from other types of kegs.

Preventing Loss
Kegs prevent loss in several ways. First, eliminating fragile glass bottles eradicates the risk of breakage or spillage. Second, kegged beverages do not come into contact with air, which means shelf life is improved exponentially compared to other forms of packing, which tend to oxidize and spoil within days of opening. Finally, kegs are large and heavy requiring dedicated equipment to pour from, making them difficult to steal, unlike small packaging that tends to disappear from inventory shelves.

Savings Across the Board
Using wine as an example, a single keg can hold nearly 27 bottles. At the producer level, packaging costs are reduced tenfold because there are no bottles or cans, no labels, no corks or caps, and no foils to purchase. Those savings trickle down to the distributor and venue, allowing operators to provide their guests with higher quality wines without increasing prices. Kegs are also less breakable and less sensitive to light and heat than bottles or cans and they take up less space. That means packing, transportation, and storage require less fragile care and less space with kegs.

Our Commitment to the Environment
We have a strong commitment to our clients, their guests, and the planet. By using KeyKegs instead of bottles, we see significant economic and eco-benefits. By pairing our smart dispensing technology with recyclable kegs, it is easier than ever to run a more profitable and eco-friendlier beverage program—that’s a win-win-win.

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