Introducing the Next Generation of Smart Dispensing™

Sestra's next generation of Smart Dispensing

Introducing the Next Generation of Smart Dispensing™

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Sestra Systems, Inc., the top provider of connected food and beverage dispensing technology, has launched the next generation of their Smart Dispensing™ platform. This release upgrades Sestra’s software-based solution with more IoT controls, data analysis, and integrations while introducing touchless dispensing and expanding into new dispensing applications.

Sestra’s enhancements offers their customers tools to increase revenue, improve service speed and efficiency, and utilize business intelligence from one central platform. “We are a software-driven company focused on solving problems in food and beverage dispensing that traditional hardware companies can’t address,” explained Lev Volftsun, CEO. “The future is connected and the features in this next generation release give our customers more intelligence and control than ever seen before in the industry.”

The next generation of Smart Dispensing™ adds a host of new features:

  • Truly touchless dispensing – The only solution on the market that doesn’t require keys, levers, cards, or special cups. Uses multiple sensors in concert to analyze and control in real-time, avoiding any accidental dispensing.
  • Any product, any container, any dispenser – Expands Smart Dispensing™ beyond beverages in kegs. Sestra’s customers are currently dispensing cold brew coffee from boxes, liquor from bottles, water directly from the line, hand sanitizer out of kegs, and condiments from bags.
  • Self-serve ordering and payments – Creates frictionless, e-attended self-service dispensing, controlling the who, what, where, when, and how with Sestra’s sophisticated Rules Engine. Works seamlessly with QR codes, room keys, membership cards, loyalty apps, biometric scanners, and more as well as credit card and contactless payments.
  • Expanded analytics and control – Provides multi-level visibility and control – from global to granular – tailored to a single station or a multi-venue portfolio.
  • More system integrations – Links dispensing insights and controls with otherwise siloed data streams from point of sale, inventory, and many other systems.
  • Enhanced dosing and pour capabilities – Supports small-dose dispensing for products such as hand sanitizer and condiments, or variable-portion dispensing to fill any container.
  • Expanded sensor suite – Adds more monitoring and alerting capabilities for temperature, pressure, flow, and product volumes.

Sestra has also added solution consulting to their Dispensing as a Service model. According to Anju Olson, VP of Channels and Partnerships, “Quality food and beverage service starts long before the product is dispensed and doesn’t end at the sale. Our platform and service model are built to address dispensing as part of an end-to-end solution, which sets us apart from the myriad of small, specialized products in the market. Our customers understand the value of a global, futureproof solution like ours.” Sestra’s team of industry experts now offers program evaluations, design consultations, training certifications, and ROI evaluations.

For complete details on the next generation of Smart Dispensing™, please visit To learn more about Sestra’s food and beverage dispensing technology, contact [email protected].

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