Cruise Ship Beverages- Seamless Dispensing on Board

Cruise Ship- Seamless Dispensing
Cruise Ship- Seamless Dispensing

Cruise Ship Beverages- Seamless Dispensing on Board

Vacationers choose to cruise as a way to disconnect. They’re able to “get away from it all” while also experiencing it all- cruises offer luxury amenities as well as the opportunity to experience multiple cities without having to pack and unpack at each destination. Food and beverage managers, however, must stay connected to provide a premium guest experience. So how can you offer frictionless services while staying connected at sea? Sestra’s TapWise for Cruise Ships offers seamless dispensing through our holistic, integrated system with self-serve and bartended options as well as on ship connectivity. Read on to discover how our solutions can work aboard your vessel. 

Seamless Dispensing

Monitoring and alerts keep everything running smoothly

Your customized Crew App with Remote Station Manager keeps everything running smoothly by providing real-time pour data, alerts on everything from temperature to keg volumes, and controls at your fingertips so you know the status of every bar.

Alerts let you know exactly which bars need attention during service. Remote Station Manager also allows management to control access, pour parameters, cleaning, and more. Preemptively solve issues, before they impact service.

Analytics & reporting for efficient turnarounds

Connected dispensing through TapWise significantly increases visibility and control, allowing your crew to make real time, data-backed business decisions. Reports on inventory churn enable you to make just-in-time inventory decisions, reducing excess cargo on the ship, cutting trash, and leaving you with less to haul. See exactly which bars need attention with the sophisticated alerts dashboard and pinpoint exactly where you need resources to reduce turnaround time in port.

Holistic System 

Build a connected food and beverage ecosystem with two-way data and control using Sestra’s API driven platform. Link dispensing usage directly with otherwise siloed data, including POS data, guest behavior, and inventory details, for a full picture. A holistic system ensures the perfect pour with real-time, multi-stream analysis in an end-to-end system.

Use integrated POS and PMS streams to sync with dispensing usage, preventing beverage waste and resulting in reports that show exactly what needs to be replenished. The most versatile solution in the industry, TapWise fulfills the needs of your entire venue whether your vessel features self-serve, cafeterias, behind the bar, or all of the above. 

Integrated Guest Experience

Create a frictionless guest experience with faster service through intuitive self-serve capabilities. There are multiple ways to offer self-service and track activity through your passenger ID systems, such as wristbands or other RFID devices, or your passengers’ mobile devices. Does your vessel welcome adults and children? Not to worry; Sestra’s e-attended self-serve stations allow for easy age verification integrated directly with your guest management system. In addition, TapWise knows where the boat is located and can adjust permissions and service options accordingly based on whether the ship is in-port vs. out at-sea.

On Premise Edge Connection

No landline? No problem. Our SestraEdge on-premise network takes all of the power of our cloud-based platform to new depths. All of the cloud-based features are enabled, even when the ship is unable to connect, including Self-Serve, Crew App, Alerts, and analytics. SestraEdge services sync with shoreside customer systems automatically when available, making manual monitoring and sync triggers a thing of the past. You won’t be eating up precious bandwidth 24/7.


TapWise technology provides unprecedented, real-time visibility, monitored support, continued education, and consultative customer support. Our team of industry experts are your ongoing dispensing partners, available to build the right solution that scales to fit your needs. Ready to set sail? Contact us today to learn more about cruise ship seamless dispensing.

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