Mixing it up with cocktails on tap

When we think of cocktails, the same image comes to mind: that particular magic of watching a bartender in their element. But, as the world shifts with the dawning of new technology and new tastes, the beverage industry is shifting with it. As always, customers want a delicious beverage. They also want it served quickly. [...]

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Maximize revenue with upselling

Whether you’re running a restaurant, bar, or other venue that includes a food and beverage experience, your beverage program is the perfect place to boost profits. If you offer standard wine, beer, and cocktails, we have a few, simple ways to upsell an order, enhancing both the guest experience and your bottom line. Here are [...]

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Multiple ways to offer self-service

A couple weeks ago, we attended the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. There were a few themes throughout the show but one topic kept coming up over and over with our booth visitors – self-serve options. As beverage technology begins to gain speed, people are looking for more unique experiences for their guests. Self-serve [...]

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Trend Alert: Tap Walls

As the on-tap beverage trend continues to grow, we see venues turning to more creative ways of dispensing. One of our favorite solutions? The tap wall. For clients who want to offer a wider selection of beverages on tap, we've designed tap walls that fit seamlessly into their venue. For example, our installation in [...]

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Spring Forward: The Benefits of Seasonal Menu Options

According to Restaurant Insider, restaurants with seasonal menus see 26% more orders. There is a good reason so many venues are choosing to shake up their offerings a few times a year. WHY GO SEASONAL? Guests appreciate new experiences Changing up your food and beverage options gives your regulars a chance to experience something special [...]

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Wine and pizza and pasta, oh my!

In just two short weeks, we’ll be making the trek up to Atlantic City, NJ to exhibit at Pizza & Pasta NE. It’s the perfect opportunity to show off our revolutionary wine dispensing. What pairs better with pizza/pasta than wine? With the show fast approaching, we’ve had pizza on the brain. Let’s dive into the [...]

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Using technology to engage your restaurant guests

We’re living in a world where more and more F&B professionals need to consider their position on the tech playing field. Some new solutions are no-brainers - if you can install a smart dispensing system or more sophisticated POS/inventory management software, the benefits are obvious. But how can technology affect business beyond your back of [...]

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