Performing Arts Center

The system is seamless. Our guests are happy, loss is prevented before it happens, and we are no longer wasting labor on setup, restocking, or mid-service ice runs. It’s a win – win – win.


Sestra Systems is revolutionizing the beverage industry with custom, seamless integrations from a cloud based system. And, our sustainability initiative has been propelled forward with Sestra Systems.


Theft was our biggest problem with waste coming in a strong second. With those eliminated, our cost went from over 50% to 22% – almost 60% savings. And the fact that Sestra’s analytics are tracking everything is great.


Installing Sestra’s IoT technology has helped us run a smarter beverage program. For example, TapWise sends out automatic alerts when our kegs are running low. This feature alone prevented our theater from missing out on $500 in wine revenue – and that was just one night.