The Importance of Temperature

Ensuring the proper temperature of beverages and across your entire beverage system makes a difference in taste, experience, and profit. Staff may know the ideal temperature for storing wine, keeping kombucha fresh, and serving the perfect beer, but seemingly tiny habits can drastically affect temperature and therefore, your product. Storage temperature can affect beverage foam, […]

Climate Change is Bad for Beer

As a result of climate change, beer will become increasingly expensive and could be in short supply by the end of the century. Global changes in temperature can alter the biochemistry of crops, such as barley and hops, affecting the taste of beer. Barley, which gives beer its flavor and color, requires 15 to 17 […]

Save Space with TapWise

Space is a valuable and limited commodity and saving space creates opportunities and benefits that can make a real difference. Save space with TapWise beverage dispensing through self-service, tap layout, inventory management, and more, optimizing your venue for maximum capacity. Not only does TapWise make space for additional guests and minimize excess inventory, those benefits […]

Top Wedding Venues Are Winning with This Hot Tech

The wedding venue tech and services industry is a 50 billion dollar a year industry within the United States and is expected to increase by 11% in the next year. Aside from flowers, music, and photography, couples spend an average of $10,500 just on their event space. These event spaces do more than host the […]

How to Make Beverage Sales a Home Run on Opening Day and Beyond

Opening day 2022 for the Washington Nationals is Thursday, April 7th with the first pitch scheduled for 7:05 pm. Whether attendees are fans of the sport, the Nationals, or Max Scherzer, now pitching for the visiting team, the New York Mets, they’re sure to be entertained. While the main event is happening on the field, […]

Sestra’s Self Serve Dispensing Integration with CLEAR Debuts

As the industry leader in smart, cloud-connected beverage dispensing, Sestra partnered with CLEAR, the secure identity platform, to deliver on Marriott International’s vision for innovation in guest services at The Americas Lodging Investment Summit. Sestra and CLEAR demonstrated their joint solutions to provide menus, ordering, age verification, payments, and dispensing for an easy to use […]

The Perfect Pour for St. Patrick’s Day and Beyond

Whether your venue is a busy hotel lobby, restaurant, bar, or cruise ship, hospitality venues are bustling places with guests typically outnumbering busy staff. Holidays and events exacerbate the discrepancy, making providing frictionless service seem next to impossible. So how can you ensure staff have the capacity to provide frictionless service to each and every […]

Women in Leadership- Sestra Interviews Our Own Anju Olson

At Sestra, we take pride in the diversity, ingenuity, and individuality that make up our team. In honor of International Women’s Day, we are highlighting one specific team member who has been a part of Sestra since before we were “Sestra” and continues to overcome challenges, set an example, and foster relationships that result in […]

Why You Should Offer Multiple Pour Sizes

“Why You Should Offer Multiple Pour Sizes” was originally published on 5/26/17 and has since been updated. Offering multiple pour sizes provides your patrons with choice, resulting in increased revenue for your venue. While small, medium, and large aren’t the only options, offering three sizes provides multiple price points for your guests as well as […]

22 Things You No Longer Have to Do After Installing Smart Dispensing

Not only does technology connect us with others, it can connect our tools and data. Sestra utilizes technology to benefit your entire venue- from management, concerned with increasing profits while decreasing waste, to the bartenders slinging drinks on the front line. Interested in implementing technology to make your life easier? Here are 22 things (and […]