Multiple Ways to Offer Self-Service

This article about self-service has been updated since its original publish date on June 13th, 2018.   Each year, Sestra attends the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. The 2018 show featured one recurring topic that our booth visitors continually inquired about– self-serve options. As beverage technology gains speed, hospitality venues continue to look for […]

Contactless Service at Your Venue

Contactless service has taken over the food and beverage industry and, since Covid, has accelerated in popularity. While some businesses embraced the trend to halt the spread of germs, countless more see contactless service as a means to increase efficiency and productivity.  Contactless service does not mean lack of service. Contrarily, it enables frictionless service […]

Why Venues Are Embracing Connected Solutions

This article about why venues are embracing connected solutions, written by Sestra staff, originally appeared on Restaurant Development + Design’s website on January 11, 2021. We live in an increasingly connected world. From Internet of Things (IoT) devices in our homes to connected Point of Sale platforms in retail, smart technology is helping people become […]

How to Optimize Your Venue for Reduced Capacity

The hospitality industry knows how to pivot. From utilizing Bring Your Own Device technology to offering comfortable, outdoor dining year-round, restaurants, cultural centers, and event venues are continually evolving to keep their doors open and their customers happy. An annual pivot that food and beverage businesses have perfected is in response to seasonality. Venues are […]

Introducing the Next Generation of Smart Dispensing™

For original Next Generation press release posted PR News, click here. STERLING, VA. (PRWEB) DECEMBER 09, 2020 Sestra Systems, Inc., the top provider of connected food and beverage dispensing technology, has launched the next generation of their Smart Dispensing™ platform. This release upgrades Sestra’s software-based solution with more IoT controls, data analysis, and integrations while introducing […]

Bring Your Own Device in the F&B Industry

What is Bring Your Own Device Sometimes, there is such a wide variety of technology being introduced across markets that it’s hard to get ahead of big trends. Other times, a technology emerges that ties others together, expanding their uses and increasing efficiency. One of those trends is Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, and […]

Winterizing Outdoor Dining Spaces

The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted many businesses to pivot and get creative with their services and production. From restaurants offering grocery items and cocktails to-go to hotels closing common areas and targeting stay-cationers, the service industry is evolving. Since navigating new cleaning protocols and implementing distancing measures, the food and beverage industry has embraced outdoor […]

Hitachi Vantara webinar featuring Sestra’s Ben Maphis

On August 26th, our very own VP of Engineering, Ben Maphis, joined Hitachi Vantara‘s webinar discussing business opportunities with cloud technology. Ben shared how Sestra has worked with Hitachi Vantara to maximize the way we use cloud technology in our solutions. With organizations looking to use enterprise data more effectively and take advantage of agile, […]

Oceanic Global’s COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines

We are proud to be featured in Oceanic Global’s TOS COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines: Restaurant + Hotel Foodservice to help reopening businesses prioritize health and safety without a cost to the environment.  This resource was created with 50 contributors from a coalition of industry leaders, research institutes, policymakers, and leading organizations. It provides insights ranging from a […]

Reopening with Outdoor Service

The sun is shining, the days are getting longer, and people are starting to venture back out into reopening restaurants and bars. The summer months always make outdoor spaces inviting and our recent spring spent inside means we are craving some Vitamin D more than ever. COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to lift and preliminary studies […]