National Restaurant Association Show 2017: Postgame Wrap-up

To round out our trade show series, here's a recap of our experience at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show last month. It was our first time exhibiting at a large show and we came away with some new perspective. Read on for our thoughts as well as our post-show strategy. THE EXCITEMENT People refer to [...]

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How to Prevent Beverage Theft in Your Venue

According to The National Restaurant Association, employee theft accounts for 75% of restaurant inventory losses. The numbers don’t lie – beverage theft is a very real problem. But, the industry as a whole has been slow to offer the right solutions. HOW TO GAUGE THEFT IN YOUR VENUE The first step to solving any problem [...]

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Why You Should Offer Multiple Pour Sizes

Have you ever been to an ice cream parlor that offers samples to help you choose your flavor? They understand that purchasing a full serving is a commitment. The same logic applies to beverages, where one size doesn’t fit all. Imagine a toddler with a large cup of Coke, or a couple being served tiny [...]

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Tips for Attending a Trade Show

We’re heading to Chicago for the National Restaurant Association show soon. If you're going to be there, let's get together! As exhibitors, we’ve been busy behind the scenes prepping our booth, setting meetings, and getting the word out. But, as an attendee, you can also benefit from having a solid game plan in place [...]

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Why We’re Excited for the 2017 National Restaurant Association Show

GETTING EXCITED In two short weeks, Chicago will welcome the industry’s best and brightest to the National Restaurant Association Show. Organizers expect 2,300 exhibitors and 60,000 attendees from around the world. This year, we’re jumping into the mix to show off our IoT beverage dispensing, make new friends, and see the sights. You can [...]

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2017 Greater Washington Innovation Awards

Back in March, we attended the Greater Washington Innovation Awards showcase, hosted by the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce. As a nominee for the Hospitality, Tourism & Entertainment Innovator of the Year, we had the opportunity to present our IoT beverage dispensing solution to a panel of industry experts and host a display booth among [...]

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How Overpouring Drains Profits and 4 Ways to Plug the Leaks in Your Venue

F&B managers, restaurant owners, and Bar Rescue junkies are all too familiar with overpouring. According to Hotel Business Review, “Shrinkage accounts for $10 billion in losses annually” for bars in the US. When it comes to any kind of beverage, the amount you’re serving needs to be exact. Overpouring is often unintentional The most common [...]

Wine on Tap Solution is a Home Run (Sestra in the News)

This month, Foodservice Equipment Reports is featuring our Washington Nationals Ballpark installation in their Product Showcase. The section highlights their favorite products from the NAFEM show we attended back in February. "While many baseball parks still offer traditional sodas and draft beers to thirsty fans, plenty of stadiums are expanding their drink menus into higher-end [...]

The Carbon Footprint of a Bottle of Wine

THERE'S MORE TO A CARBON FOOTPRINT THAN TRASH Know the Flow calculated the carbon footprint of a bottle of wine and found it’s around 1.28kg CO2. That’s about the same as driving 3 miles in a Honda Accord. When talking about wine, the discussion typically revolves around region, vintage, or a particular vintner. Rarely does [...]

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Why the Beverage Industry Needs Internet of Things (IoT) Technology

WE WERE TECHNOLOGY PEOPLE. THEN WE WERE WINE PEOPLE. NOW WE’RE BOTH. We started in the telecommunications industry before turning our passion for vino into a nationwide importer/distributor business. As our client list grew, we became immersed in the beverage industry - end to end – learning and experiencing as much as we could [...]