Beverage Dispensing in the Hotel Industry

Beverage Dispensing in the Hotel Industry
Beverage Dispensing in the Hotel Industry

Beverage Dispensing in the Hotel Industry

Check-in and check-out processes, hotel cleanliness and maintenance, and a frictionless food and beverage program all contribute to the guest experience. The guest experience, in turn, influences reputation and affects your venue’s bottomline. So how can Sestra help hotel managers ensure a positive guest experience? Sestra’s Smart Dispensing technology and long-term solution partnerships ease operations, increase speed of service, and offer consistency, all while integrating with your guest folio and property management systems. 

Guest Experience

Self Serve

Self service is contactless service that can be set up through mobile bars or No Brick stations. Either option can be arranged throughout your venue to spread out service, eliminate lines, and alleviate staffing needs.

Sestra’s partners have implemented self service of alcoholic beverages as well as coffee and kombucha to appeal to multiple visitor needs. For example, Element Hotels offer complimentary wine on tap at their Relax Hours. Once their guests complete the check-in process, they’re sent an email with a QR code. They then scan the QR code at the self-serve wine station, unlocking the tap and initiating their complimentary pour. 

Bar Service

Sestra beverage dispensing at hotel bars leaves bartenders free to create memorable experiences that keep guests coming back. Beer and wine may be obvious choices to dispense on tap but cocktails on tap also result in huge time savings. Rather than reaching for ingredients and measuring each individually, cocktails on tap can be dispensed through push-to-pour or touchless dispensers while bar staff engage with guests and ensure their stays are exceeding expectations.

Not only does Sestra beverage dispensing in the hotel industry result in expedited service, it offers consistency of every pour throughout your venue.

Consistent Pours

Precision pouring dispenses down to a fraction of an ounce, per your pre-determined serving sizes. That’s right, sizes. We often recommend that venues feature multiple serving sizes as a way to offer multiple options and price points to guests. Whatever size or beverage your patrons prefer, you can feel confident knowing that they are receiving consistent pours, every time.

“I love the fact that at a push of a button at any bar [within W hotel] you can get the exact same drink to the ounce. To me it doesn’t make a difference if it is wine, beer, kombucha, cold brewed coffee, you get all of the same benefits of having those beverages on tap.”

-Garth Welsh, Director, Food and Beverage W Hotel, Washington, DC

Consistent pours also eliminate waste, whether intentional or not. Beverage dispensing that is push-to-pour or touchless eliminate overpouring and integrate with point of sale systems, keeping staff accountable for charging each pour. Self serve stations can be equipped with Bring Your Own Device technology, ensuring each pour is paid for before being dispensed. 

Ease of Operations

Activity and Inventory

Trend reports and insights regarding beverage dispensing allow venues to make data-backed decisions regarding staffing, inventory, and more. For example, if your trends note a seasonal increase in chardonnay consumption, so much that it outperforms all pours throughout the rest of the year, you can, in turn, make decisions to increase staff as well as inventory of chardonnay. Decrease supply of low performers to eliminate waste and storage needs while focusing on more popular pours.

Do your trends illustrate a drop in service between certain hours? Adjust your hours accordingly or offer self-serve stations to reduce staffing needs.


Hotel cleanliness and maintenance has always been a top priority for hotel management and a top determinant of a hotel’s reputation. This has only become more true since the onset of Covid-19 and the increased awareness of germs. Your Sestra Smart Dispensers are one less thing to worry about, however, thanks to automated alerts. Alerts can be set up to notify the appropriate staff of which stations need attention and when based on volumes, temperature, cleaning schedules, and more. In addition, Dispensing as a Service means you have access to ongoing support, training, maintenance, and upgrades.


While every hotel offers a unique experience to their guests, Smart Dispensing offers consistency where it matters. Through IoT technology and the benefits of Dispensing as a Service, Sestra can help your hotel improve operations, increase speed of service, and provide the perfect pour every time. Ready to learn more about beverage dispensing in the hotel industry? Contact us today

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