Why You Should Offer Multiple Pour Sizes

Why You Should Offer Multiple Pour Sizes


There are specific benefits that come with each pour size variation. While small, medium, and large aren’t the only options, having choices along those lines will provide the greatest gains for your business while providing multiple price points for your guests.

Small Pour Sizes

Small pour sizes depend on the beverage. For wine, it’s typically a 1-3 oz. taste but for beer it can be more. People who are new to your venue or those looking to explore will appreciate small pour sizes. It allows them to sample beverages they normally wouldn’t try and learn about different varieties before jumping into a full glass. Offering samples encourages guests to find a drink they truly enjoy and upgrade to a larger size.

Large Pour Sizes

While small sizes allow your guests to try out different beverages before they commit, larger sizes are a great option for those who already know what they want. And, if you have a specialty beverage or one that’s more popular than the rest, offering them in a larger size will help your revenue stream soar. If a guest doesn’t plan to order a second drink, they may choose a tall or large pour rather than settle for a single glass. This option is especially popular in event spaces and theaters where a guest risks missing some of the action to stand in line at the bar.

Medium Pour Size

You probably already offer a medium pour size. For guests wanting a drink to share with their meal or a glass to accompany the game, a medium sized drink will do the job.

How To

There are several different ways to implement multiple pour sizes at your venue. They include:

Use Different Cup Sizes

If this one seems obvious, that’s because it is. By having different cup sizes, you make it easier for your employees to know how much to pour, reducing the likelihood of overpouring. It also helps put things in proportion for the guests, so they aren’t drinking from a half-filled glass and wondering why your venue is stingy with the beverages.

Use Pre-Packaged Beverages

Another easy option is pre-packaged beverages to ensure you know exactly how much you’re giving your customers. This could range from serving different size wine bottles to soda products in cans. Just be wary – the trash will begin to pile up.

Utilize a Dispensing System with Pour Control

If you’re interested in an eco-friendly option that also prevents loss, consider installing a beverage dispensing system with programmable portion control. Your servers can choose the size they want to dispense without worrying about measuring themselves or hauling a bunch of tiny bottles out of storage. On-tap beverage dispensing also allows you to offer a wider range of samples, including pre-mixed cocktails.


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