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Monitored Support

Our platform provides us with unprecedented real-time visibility so we can approach smart dispensing as a mission critical application with monitored support.

Comprehensive Training

We’re not just installers, we’re educators making sure you have all of the tools necessary to get the most of our solutions.

Tailored Solutions

We kick off our partnership by getting to know your business before suggesting the best solution, designed with your space in mind.

Stadiums & Arenas

TapWise prevents loss and eases operations throughout your venue, from premium suites to high traffic concession stands. Now your guests won’t miss a second of the action waiting in line. Hands-free dispensing and portion control lets you serve more in less time with no waste or overpouring. Our insightful analytics keep your eye on the […]


Theft was our biggest problem with waste coming in a strong second. With those eliminated, our cost went from over 50% to 22% – almost 60% savings. And the fact that Sestra’s analytics are tracking everything is great.


Installing Sestra’s IoT technology has helped us run a smarter beverage program. For example, TapWise sends out automatic alerts when our kegs are running low. This feature alone prevented our theater from missing out on $500 in wine revenue – and that was just one night.

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