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The system is seamless. Our guests are happy, loss is prevented before it happens, and we are no longer wasting labor on setup, restocking, or mid-service ice runs. It’s a win – win – win.


Sestra Systems is revolutionizing the beverage industry with custom, seamless integrations from a cloud based system. And, our sustainability initiative has been propelled forward with Sestra Systems.

Meghan Krause

“Before Sestra, I worked for mid-sized companies where I ran teams of analysts. While I love teaching, I missed the challenges and opportunities that come with individual contributorship. At Sestra, I love the breadth of subjects I get to work on. In the same day, I can go from coding a data integration to discussing a customer ROI to analyzing pour activity for trends. All this allows me to learn and debate with different perspectives and personalities.”

Ben Maphis

“Whether it’s enabling a business or it’s directly customer-facing, having a tangible component to our product is what excites me. At Sestra, with the touch of a button, it’s easy to see and show the value you’re providing. As a company, there’s no ambiguity on what we’re trying to achieve and that clarity allows teams to focus on how to add the best value.”

Ongoing Support

Using our cloud connection, we remotely monitor your system and avoid service interruptions. We provide maintenance, analytics, and upgrades – everything you need to keep pouring.

Design & Proposal

Based on our measurements, we’ll draw up the perfect configuration. The proposal includes renderings, equipment specs, pricing, and a timeline for installation.

Status & Alerts

Check the real-time status of your taps and avoid service interruptions with configurable text alerts.

App Integration

Already using an app at your venue? Sestra’s IoT-connected solution can integrate directly with your existing infrastructure to identify guests.

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