Status & Alerts

Check the real-time status of your taps and avoid service interruptions with configurable text alerts.

App Integration

Already using an app at your venue? Sestra’s IoT-connected solution can integrate directly with your existing infrastructure to identify guests.


Use an online system to grant servings and guests will receive an email with their beverage allowance and a link to redeem.

Pin Code

Your self-serve stations can be equipped with a tablet or keypad. Then, your guests simply input a unique code.


Each guest or member gets their own unique card, wristband, or token that they use to keep track of what they pour


Put your best selling cocktails on tap and free bartenders up to engage with guests.


Even the smallest pressure fluctuations add up to a big foam problem.


A 1 oz. overpour on a 5 oz. glass of wine is nearly imperceptible but adds up to a 20% loss from bottles.